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Happiness on Hold

I often hear clients say, “I’ll be happy when……” or “If I can just get through this I will be happy.”  I caught myself doing this same thing this recently. I believed that I would not be happy in a swimsuit unless I had a tummy tuck.  Well, I didn’t have the procedure done and I had an upcoming Caribbean vacation.  A few weeks before the trip, I started practicing sucking in my stomach to give the illusion of a slimmer midsection. Seriously!  The night before my departure I was exhausted! I wore myself out from lack of oxygen!  I realized that I had a choice – I could exhale (literally) and accept my body for what it is and enjoy the trip or I could fall over and faint and not even make it on the plane.

I placed a “have to” on my happiness and placed my happiness on hold.

Happiness is a choice that is not contingent on people or events.  It’s accepting and acknowledging the situation and facts and then deciding what’s the next right thing for you.

What’s keeping your happiness on hold?




  1. Courtenay  July 24, 2012

    WOW! Your Newsletters are always interesting and informative, but this one is a Gold mine!
    My happiness is no longer on Hold. What kept my happiness on hold was at one point my outlook on life another time it was my responsibilities of family. Also, like yourself my self image. I finally came to this same conclusion. So now I purchase cloths that compliment my figure. But I am also more active and realistic in my goals.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I know this is & will inspire everyone, because at one time we all were here.

    Thank again

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