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Happy New Career!

It’s that time of the year where we begin to set goals for the upcoming new year.   I would passionately proclaim, “This is my year! I will lose 10 pounds!” or “I will find a job I love.” Then sometime around March, I would get spring fever. I would go on vacation or find myself on various patios around Atlanta sipping margaritas and enjoying sun with friends…you know, the usual necessary distractions.

Well, I did finally achieve my goal…some many years later.  My secret you ask?  Two things. First, I simply took time to reflect.  Not just reminiscence about the previous year, but I actually journaled my response to some pretty detailed and pointed questions.  I promise to share the second secret later. First things first!  However, you can read more about my story here.

If you are SERIOUS about creating some real MOVEMENT in your personal and professional life and tired of making the same old tired blanket proclamation, “This is my year” year after year with no results, then I have something for you.

Below are three self assessments that I have created to help you REFLECT on the past year.  I have created self-assessments for individuals seeking a job/career who are currently unemployed, working professionals who are seeking a career change or advancement, and a personal assessment for those seeking to THRIVE or REVIVE certain areas of their personal life.

The instructions to complete are simple: find a quiet place to journal. Don’t feel forced to complete all the questions at one sitting.  You may need to seek input from someone in your circle of trust.

I appreciate your feedback.  Post a comment about your experience completing the assessment or if you have done a year-end evaluation on yourself previously.

**Once you complete your evaluation/assessment and are serious about taking the next step, schedule your complimentary 30-minute session with me by clicking here.


Self Assessment for the Job/Career Seeker

  1. What network events yielded the best results?
  2. Of the informational interviews conducted, what was the best advice received? Have I implemented the advice?
  3. Did I help other job seekers by sharing and leveraging information?
  4. What personal obstacles prevented me from maximizing my search?
  5. Does my toolkit (resume, LinkedIn profile, business card, etc) accurately showcase what I am GREAT at versus what I am good at?
  6. Did I use LinkedIn in my job search to gain contacts, join groups, and participate in discussions and research companies?

Self Assessment for the Working Professional

List all of your strengths, skills, and abilities.

  1. What new skills and abilities did I add this year?
  2. What skills, abilities and/or knowledge do you enjoy using?
  3. Does your current role allow you to use the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed in number two?

Review your long term career goal.

  1. Are you at least two steps closer along your defined career path to reach your goal?
  2. What work related challenges or personal obstacles were you faced with in 2011 that prevent growth?
  3. What accomplishments and/or progress was made in 2011?

Personal Life Assessment

Review your list of goals for 2011. Of the ones that were accomplished:

  1. Did they bring you joy?
  2. Did you take time to celebrate?
  3. What was the catalyst for achieving these goals?

Of the ones that were not met:

  1. What challenges prevented you from meeting these goals?
  2. What’s one thing you could have done differently to get closer to meeting your goals?
  3. Did you enlist the help of an accountability partner?
  4. Were your goals visible?
  5. How frequently did you review your goals?

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