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I run because…

may 2017 diva runI run because I can. I was an overweight child, teen, and adult.  Activity wasn’t encouraged, and I always told myself I was too fat anyway. That became my story. I am too fat to do ________.  Fill in that blank with anything! I used my weight to limit myself. I decided to push myself to think differently in my early 30’s. My first goal was to complete a 5K. The goal was to do a 1 and done just to prove to myself I could do it, but I got hooked! So I upped the stakes and set my goal on a 10K. Six POINT 1 miles of asphalt.  I trained, and I conquered.  I start enjoying my new identity as a runner.  I felt good bragging that I completed a 10K. As usual, ego got in the way and next thing I knew I was registering for a half marathon. 13.1 miles of asphalt.  I goal shifted from proving to myself to proving to “them” (the invisible naysayers in my head) that I could actually complete a half marathon. While crossing the finish line for my first half marathon is a memory I will never forget, the journey of preparing for that race is one that I value the most.  I made friends, one of whom became a best friend. I found new drinking buddies (I love an ice cold beer after a race). But most of all in that journey, I found a new way of connecting to my higher power and that has transformed me in more ways than one. I will save that for another blog.

Since completing my first half marathon in March 2007, I have completed a ton more plus two full marathons.  Life threw some curve balls (earned my Ph.D., full-time caregiver, multiple relocations, etc.) and my running became inconsistent.  I promised myself that when things settle down, I will return. I have completed two half’s this year, one of which was the Diva Half-Marathon.  I found my tribe and was invited to be a Brand Ambassador.  I said yes because I wanted to share my experience with those who have placed limitations on what they can and can not do.

I run because of my late brother was a triple amputee and got up to take “walks” with his neighbors every morning he didn’t have dialysis.

I run because one of my best friends is battling cancer again (CANCER SUCKS!) and her physical energy is low.

I run because, I survived indescribable grief and hurt, AND I still have JOY.

I run because I can! #runlikeadiva

Check out my video opening my box of goodies from Divas Marathon

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I will be running the North Myrtle Beach Race on May 6, 2018.

Share with me what is keeping you from being your most awesome self.


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