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Light Bulb Moment

I remember reading Purpose Driven Life in my mid 30’s. I struggled to try to determine what I was created to do.

I was working a job where I was only happy on the 15th and the 30th.

That changed February 2010.  I accepted a severance package without a plan A or B.  That transition created an opportunity for me to get clear on my purpose….For Real and Real Quick!

While waiting for the *ultimate* light bulb moment, I realized that I was the light bulb! GULP!

light bulb

I was created to light a spark.  I am an encourager to many.  I am an idea generator. In my role as a professional executive coach, I help my clients shine in the workplace.

I was created to be a spark.  I want to change how we dialogue about mental health.  I use creative approaches to engage clients and make counseling accessible by offering services virtually via video or phone.

I’m excited to be the featured virtual psychotherapy expert for Sky Therapist discussing the therapeutic relationship in telemental health.

Click here to read my winning entry.


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