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I Love Mondays!!

Two years ago, I wasn’t able to say that.  My lament began every Sunday night because I was dreading Monday mornings. It wasn’t that I hated my job; I was rewarded with some pretty awesome perks and was making a generous salary. The problem was me.  I was in a position that was not aligned with my goals and values.  I was uninspired and at the end of the day, I left emotionally unfulfilled.  I tried various ways of filling that void over the course of my 15 years in corporate.  I was not only a Girl Scout leader, but a Girl Scout trainer for new leaders. I served on several non profit boards. Nevertheless, though all of that was great, it was merely a distraction. I was simply too scared to truly explore what it is that brought me joy and actively pursue a career that aligned with that.  Fortunately, I was given a nudge.  Some call this nudge a lay off or organizational restructuring.  It was what I needed to face the fear and live the life I was created to do.

Two years ago I launched my practice as a career coach, and this is the happiest, scariest, most freeing experience I have ever undertaken!  Read more about my journey here.  Entrepreneurship is not easy, but I have no regrets!  I have had the opportunity to help many people get out of their own way and launch careers that bring them satisfaction and purpose.  Two years later, I still get that tingly feeling when I am preparing clients for an interview or helping them narrow down their specialties.   Often clients say, “Slow down! I can’t write that fast!” because I am bursting with excitement.  I truly love what I do and most importantly, I love Mondays!

In honor of my 2nd anniversary, I am hosting a twitter chat on Monday, April 9th @ 7PM. I have asked one of my colleagues, Michelle O’Donnell, a Professional Development Coach and expert in all things HR, to join me. We will answer all of your questions related to job searching, career transitioning, interview prep, salary negotiation, etc…well as much as you can ask with 140 characters.  Follow me on Twitter @ThommiOdom and use the hashtag #careerchatter

What’s keeping you from loving Monday’s? 


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