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Shift your MIND. Shift your BODY. Shift your LIFE!

With every new year, we make resolutions or promises that we will do something different, better, new, etc. My resolution to make my transformation did not happen on the cusp of a new year, or season, but seven years ago during my yearly physical. The nurse asked me to step on the scale to get my weight. No biggie. I proceeded to the examination room to wait on the doctor. As usual, they were running behind. To entertain myself, I started to read my file. Not a good move. Written on the front was the three numbers that forever changed my life. 2-7-0. I was 270 pounds!! I had no clue…seriously. I was in denial. I had stopped really looking in the mirror, and I avoided taking pictures. Thank goodness this was pre-Facebook. YIKES!
I ran out the doctor’s office to my car and called a close friend. I was mad! How did she let me get this fat? Yeah, I was in deep denial and blamed my weight gain on everybody but me. I tried a bunch of stuff before I learned that acceptance was the answer to my problem. Once I learned that lesson, true movement in my life began to happen. First I shifted my thoughts, then my body, and then the true transformation of my life occurred. Yes, I released 120 pounds of weight from my body, but I also released some negative thoughts and behaviors. The true transformation happened along the journey. I released my “shoulds” and discovered a dimension of myself that I never knew existed. I never saw myself as a marathoner. I never saw myself in a career outside of corporate America.
Are you ready to shift your mind and your body and ultimately shift your life?
Join my program, moveMEnto and learn:
• A proven fitness strategy that is sustainable
• How to select health, fast food options that supports your total well being
• How to rid yourself of limiting beliefs or patterns that have stalled you in the past
During this 6-week program, YOU will receive:
• 6-week 10K training program (you can choose to run or walk)
• Weekly newsletter filled with nutritional tips and motivation
• A coaching session with me – your very own Personal Growth Coach
• A consultation session with a nutritionist
• Membership to supportive community of other like-minded individuals who desire movement in their lives
Invest $99 in yourself for this life changing program.
If you live in the metro Atlanta area, you have an even bigger opportunity.
• Join me every Saturday over the course of the 6-week program to run/walk.
• After our run/walk, attend a seminar on various topics spanning from nutrition to living your best life.
This additional investment is only $100 for a total of $199 for the complete package.
Want to learn more? Join the informational teleconference on Tuesday, January 18th at 9PM EST.
Conference Bridge Line: 712-432-3900
Access Code: 348123#

The 6-week program kicks off January 31st!!

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