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Hi, my name is Thommi Odom and I like getting up on Monday mornings.

That wasn’t always the case. I spent over ten years working in the wrong corporate fields. The only days I looked forward to were the 15th and the 31st, you know, PAYDAYS.

People who know me well, laugh and shake their heads when I say that I was an Accounting major in college. What they don’t know is that I switched to Accounting from Communications in a rebellious move, because a professor at Mercer University told me that I couldn’t.

I could. The problem was, I should not have! Accounting was neither my passion nor my bent.

Since I did not have the benefit of a Career Coach to guide me, I took a job in Accounting. And to exacerbate the wrong direction, I went and earned an MBA at Kennesaw State in Information Technology.

I was really good at my work, and progressed into high-level positions that paid me nicely. But there was always a nagging feeling that I was not where I belonged.

A breakthrough came when my employer needed help in the Human Resources area and I was brought in. I was suddenly aware of a whole new aspect of life, not only corporate life. I discovered that I was both passionate and effective in the HR function. Employees even came to talk to me about non-work related issues.

When the inevitable downsizing occurred, I was finally free to pursue my newly found calling in helping individuals discover THEIR passions and gifts. I became certified as a Career Coach while earning my M.S. in  Clinical Mental Health at Mercer.

I’m Thommi Odom, NCC, PHR, CGC and I love getting up on Monday mornings!

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for professional details, words of wisdom as well as testimonials from people who have profited from my services. I especially like this one:

She has extraordinary compassion for each person combined with an ability to have the necessary fierce conversations needed to move the person to the next level ...

* I like weekends, too! I am a Girl Scout leader and I run half-and-full marathons, and collapse with my dogs afterwards.