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New Season

Labor Day has come and gone.  The school buses are rolling.  The pools are closed.  The sun is setting earlier.  These are just some of the indicators that we are shifting into a new season, and fall is just around the bend.

Fall is not my one of my favorite seasons.  I would prefer to live my life in shorts and flip flops year around.  But there are some things about fall that I love.  The mornings offer perfect running weather, and I get to enjoy Monday night football with my girls.   GO FALCONS!

This year, I started the process of transitioning my wardrobe early.   I have put away my beloved flip flops and pulled out my boots, sweaters and blazers.   I am re-evaluating my wardrobe and determining what new pieces I want to add and what I want to donate.    Evaluating my wardrobe means assessing my life and my lifestyle.   I am no longer in a corporate job, so I don’t need as many suits.  My style has shifted from conservative to casual chic.    Since making the decision to earn a living by doing what I love, I have opened myself up to all the possibilities this choice brings.   This includes my thoughts, my interactions, and even my wardrobe!   I have naturally started gravitating to wearing brighter colors versus my usual brown, grey and black.   Clearing those items out of my closet not only gives me a reason to shop (*giggle*) but also heightens my attitude which is reflected in the way I carry myself.    A year ago, I would have never chosen the eggplant colored dress but look at me NOW… lovin’ it and lovin’ life!

As you start to make the transition into a new season in your life, what are some things, people or thoughts you need to replace?

Life is change.  Growth is optional.  Choose wisely.” ~ Karen Kaiser Clark

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