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Are Those Your Own Thoughts You Thinkin’?

My mother had a HUGE influence on me.  Although I have A LOT of siblings, I was raised like an only child because there was a significant age difference.  My mom disliked dogs, outdoor activities, and eating seafood – just to name a few.   So I too disliked dogs, outdoor activities and seafood.   I had no clue why I didn’t like them, only that SHE told me that I wouldn’t.   Fast forward 20 years and I have two dogs, love to run outside, and I am a pescatarian (I abstain from all flesh except for fish) and not because I wanted to rebel, but because I genuinely like these things.   In the past, I wouldn’t go near a dog and the thought of touching one was definitely out the question.   My friends who are dog owners  would have to put their dogs away whenever I visited.  One day last year, a dear friend didn’t put her dog away as I arrived earlier than expected.  She had two dogs, one of which was a foster dog that she was rescuing.  The foster dog laid across my feet and stole my heart that day.  I dreamed about her that night, and I woke up knowing that I wanted to at least try to have a dog.  A few months later, not only do I have her – Kacey– but I have Champ.   These dogs have changed my life! I enjoy giving them belly rubs and taking them for rides in the car with the windows down.   They force me to slow down and enjoy walks because they want to smell every single blade of grass.

One of my favorite R&B artists, Rachelle Ferrell, has a song entitled “Individuality” and she says “Is that your own thought you thinkin’?  Is that your own life you livin’?”   For over 30 years, I was living my life according to my Mom’s preferences and prejudices, not realizing what I was missing out on -unconditional love from my dogs, great tasting seafood, and a hobby that has changed almost every facet of my life – running outdoors.

Whose life are you living? 

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Check out our family photo.  That’s Kacey on the left and Champ on the right.


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